Invisible Cities: Poetic Response

Beware of perfection
the ripples of
dreams and dangers,
of impotent possibility
beware of your desires:
for nightmares haunt the day,
Hidden amidst silky shadows-
Penetrating. Good heart.

Death gives clarity, he said.
Once you can see past the red stained waters,
A certain clarity, you can see between the murky waters,
Which breed dreams-
replicas of God
spreading slow across a new dawn

good leader. good leader.
taunted by the dreams of something better

But his hands were washed in blood
since he was a child. Corrupted.
What is the price of an empire,
What is the price of perfection?

build palaces with ideas alone,
But without a stone
there is no arch, no supporting single
Humanity- builds a city connected with lines of feelings
surges of emotion. A city holding-
burning of maps
shrinking of islands
expansion of empires.
Through the red tints,
cities constructed of dreams,
unlocking desire:
mountains of indestructible excess.
Reckless ravages. Pursuing time.
We quickly vanquish into normality
disobeying the true reality.

Beware of perfection

Inspired by MIF’s (Manchester International Festival) ‘Invisible Cities’. Picture taken from MIF’s website.

© AJMwrites2019


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