Wanting Less in a World Hungry for More

It’s fast-paced, demanding and never at rest.

Encapsulating and engulfing anybody who stops to pause and ponder, anything else which life may offer. Whatever else this universe- vast and mighty- may have, buried under the hurried attempt to cover up something lasting. Something truly pure and good. Something natural in a world eaten up by falseness. 

How many have grown up without a taste of freedom and yet are lead through the pathway of falsehood. Through a glimpse of ‘happiness’. How many have been forced to grow down to please someone else? When the whole world has eyes wearing thin and a false mind replaced at the best possible price. What then? What happens to those suffocated, muffled under the drug. When even their eyes start to blur and the world of truth and lies start to merge. What then?

Turning 16. Sweet. Boundless gifts of more. More opportunities, more fun. More. More. More. It doesn’t stop until all light is oppressed under a heap of dirt, buried underneath more of everything. And if you’re a 16-year-old who wants less?

A teenager who just wants to duck underneath the curtain, and watch from a distance. But instead is shoved onto centre stage, with no experience, no relevant plan. I’m pretty sure that’s how most teenagers feel. Stumbling around until we learn to harness it, feel it and thrive on the feeling of confusion. So when you’re trying to find yourself, to understand a world which leaves you with nothing but yourself, has it now become a culture to fill the overwhelming emptiness inside with materialism? Why can we not learn to cultivate the hurricane of emotions, reducing it with control? Learn to see ourselves instead of being blinded within the realms of staging lights and false props.

It’s fast-paced, demanding and never at rest. So make it slower, turn it down. Appreciate the small things, living in a big world. Fill that gaping hole with not something, not anything. Fill it with meaning, nurture it with life.
© AJMWrites2019

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