Change Direction

Happy Earth Day 2020

Performed as spoken word poetry as part of ‘Letters to the Earth’ in April 2019

They say ashes to ashes
dust to dust

Burning maps for better intentions
Burning your future for drowining preventions

It has to mean something
So why do you mistake it for nothing?
Because now the ashes are turning
The world is churning
And we’re all yearning
For a tomorrow.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could
look up and see the stars,
not have to walk all over your scars.

Why do we sit and talk about action
when we can stand up in a
second of a fraction.

When we are drifting, losing our minds
Can you not keep the one things that binds,
the sea to the moon
and the earth to the cocoon
of your comfort.

We’re rocking you,
We’re shaking you.
To come outside and look at you,
look at you.

Open your eyes,
Don’t fear being blind,
I’ve opened my eyes now
now I can’t shut them
I’ve opened my heart now
now it won’t close.

Our heart in our
world. in our

Is crumbing into dust
sinking beneath the earth’s crust.
We’re just singular blades of grass,
bending, blending
waiting for the wind to
change direction.



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