Pandora’s Crime

Pandora will tell describe
how it was hope, alone
which allowed her to survive.

Recalling how evil simply vaporised-
suspending her frozen tears,
overlooking destruction with a perfect pair of hazy eyes.

She’ll talk to you
of those lonely, haunting screams,
because, there was “nothing else I could do”.

She’d kneel- trembling,
grasping at escaping steam,
clouded mist, just hoping-

unpaid blood, sweat, pain
got trapped under barbed wires
placed for her own safety. Now she hides in shame.

Pandora tried,
to entice dark spirits back into chains
“Ensnared by desperation,” but Pandora lied.

Shifting, living particles, waiting inside
boxes sticky with the residue of hidden histories
“We were meant to keep them like that forever” she cried.

Pandora sits in a cell of light,
They call it Hope,
But, I’m not sure that’s right.

Charged with unleashing the danger of darkness:
freeing the unknown, she lost
the shackles, the chain, the harness.

Now the whole world knows,
Shifting prison sentences like tectonic plates,
And the air flows
with whispers of justice.



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