Singing for Idols on a Drowning Island

Hi! This poem was inspired by the comments of a music video and explores the power and impact that music has on people. Hope you enjoy, make sure to give it a like and comment your thoughts 🙂

Wash away,
wash away
never stay
no need to pray.

These spells
An intoxicating
cloud of
promise new life
promise no strife.

Give me
what oxygen
Sweet dreams
of peaches and
The paradise cost-
Now in bliss I am lost

Save me
for this lifejacket
is anchored. And I sink.
Only this soft wind
carries me
to the brink.
Rescued to faded shores,
Eroded are the harsh moors.

It is the light,
that blinds realism
so I can see.
The sight that
eradicates all else
to let me be.
Creeping to the crevices
of the heart, blind my blemishes.

A construction building,
it refuses to collapse
ballooning higher
and higher,
igniting the clouds
to rain with fire.
Crashing ladders
Nothing else matters.

Sweetened with perfumed
words, varnished
with silver glazes,
for a dissipating sound
triumphantly trailed
with praised blazes.
The ashes never settle.
Drifting eternally as a crisp petal.

Leave me
Leave me in need;
on my knees
so that I can only plead.
Only, do not disappear,
Empty within a framed bier.

Drift however you wish:
lazily. hungrily. mournfully
yet, always, alongside
my homely paradise
which follows me
with the tide.
In this forgotten land,
My feet are firm in sunken sand.


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