Summer’s Apology


When I rose into dawn,

I didn’t want her.

I didn’t want

frost bitten fumbles,

that cut like metal wire.

I didn’t want her

sharp shards of wind, 

smashing against bone,

the freeze which makes you feel.

Not numbed by heat,

fallen leaves wilted,

paralysed by sweated defeat

at the trees’ thirsty feet.


I didn’t like her,

snow melting

humbly in my hand

More soft, more round

than harsh grains of sand.

I didn’t like lasting footprints,

stamped angelically,

better than any sinking sand.

So I made them disappear, 

inch by inch, 

watching the whiteness shrink.

I didn’t like

the throned moon, 

suspended power

in a timeless abyss- until noon. 

A silent watcher over icy eternity,

where snow shines

as if burning brighter

than the sun’s sullen sky.


But now I let her be

who she wants,

let it freeze eternally-

let me be

the one to melt miserably, 

let the children build

a forever snowman.

I promise

to smile, coldly,

so their heart’s warmth

lasts for lifetimes.

Let it be

that the trees remain


Under a sky

blanketed grey,

embracing clouds 

that stay that way.


I’m sorry for the heat.

Let it be winter 

on repeat.

Blow out the sun,

for we have the moon,

into the silver shadows I’ll run.


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